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Influenza Vaccination with Alpharix Tetra

In accordance with the recommendations of the Superior Council of Health, vaccination against seasonal influenza will be accessible (by appointment) from Friday 14/10/2022.

Vaccination is free and accessible to all.

2nd booster of the vaccination against Covid-19: Pfizer (mother strain = Omicron BAI)

In coordination with the AVIQ and in accordance with the philosophy of GSK's P4P (Partnership for Prevention) program, the Health & Wellbeing Department is organizing a complementary possibility to those organized outside the company, vaccination of the 4th dose of the vaccine against Covid-19 at the Wavre infirmary.

- Accessible to all GSK staff on a voluntary basis until 14th of October 2022 and within the limits of available places until 13/10/2022 included. The flu vaccination will then take over from 14/10/2022. People who would like to be vaccinated against Covid after this date, can contact the vaccination centers, participating pharmacists or their physician.

- A period of 6 months (3 months minimum) with the previous booster dose is necessary (the vaccination history will be provided by you and will be checked before injection)

Note that people who have not received the previous 3 doses against Covid-19 must contact their family doctor in order to benefit from the appropriate vaccine(s).

To consult the summary of the opinion of the Superior Council of Health on this topic, please follow this link: COVID-19 : pourquoi un deuxième rappel est-il important ? - Vax Info (

If you have any questions about the covid-19 or flu vaccine we will give you or if you are not sure if the vaccination is right for you, talk to your doctor, pharmacist or the Health & Wellbeing Department.

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